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Did you catch the name of that train?

it passed me by

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13 October 1900

You call call me Ru who is a 20 something Libra, Texan thats in school for Graphic Design. Likes: drawing, fashion, music and chocolate.
Disklikes: those who take life for granted.

Ok so i gave up or sold all my websites..life actually happened. traveled to a few places, came back home, and now i am a working hump like everyone else lol
sites i used to have or might still have when or if i get my MAC that i want so much:
forever23.net but that is no more.
unique-rebel.org- i think i still have this...
d3fault\(dot)org- some guy in arizona stole it last year which really hurt me and made me give up all my sites. i still cant get it back
I have a blogger but LJ is always home. It never fails that something real shitty or eventful happens in my life where i need to detach myself as a way of coping..but
i always come back b/c ive gotten to know some nice people who deserve soo much more than what life gives them. Sooo as of late..im back and going for a long
record breaking appearance lol ** in june 2006 i lost everything in a housefire..it really makes you take solace in the little things in order to find happiness. Plus, in Fight Club: "its not until you have nothing that you can have everything" thats in the book ppl..not just the movie lol I am soo starting from scratch.
I have been too blessed to focus on what i lost but
it hurts sometimes. I love life. I cause no drama online or off. If you are the type to start trouble..step back and think about the bigger picture. I have and I have grown up. I am living
even if you dont. I am alive.
This journal is for the most part public with a couple of friends only posts that are usually about offline stuff or deep thoughts so I will leave that choice
up to you if you want to friend me..i will friend you back..i dont even require ppl to comment although i LOVE it when you do!
If i dont fit in to YOUR little way of life..thats
fine, I got a family that loves me and friends who are loyal. Thats worth more
than gold or some group. Why cant we all just get along lol
Santo Domingo Tan Lindo!..I got the best of everything:-)

What i am

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DMB is love.

best of both worldswhat i am


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